Langlet Embroiderers

Our dynamic and ambitious company is constantly evolving in order to meet the requirements of our partners.

Langlet Embroiderers - North of France

Our History, Our Identity

Established in 1956 at Villers Outréaux as an arts and craft company, Langlet Embroiderers have continued to develop through time.

At the end of the 70s, once they mastered all creative and production techniques, they took a step further by marketing their own collections!

From then, the modernization of workstations used in embroidery production began: state-of-the-art machinery, CAD, and prototyping frame.

Since January 2007, the company relocated to Beaurevoir in a more spacious building, allowing the implementation of the latest state-of-the-art machinery.

This new facility, along with the development of a range of work-based skills, allows the company to seek new markets and to look forward to a continuing future.

Les origines de la broderies

embroidery history Beaurevoir

1910 – First loom known as “continuous thread”.

Langlet Embroiderers history

The origins of machine embroidery

Langlet Embroiderers Beaurevoir

First collections on so-called “hand” looms, from 1878 in Beaurevoir

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From Traditional to High End

We can satisfy all your creation requirements, on any support, in large or small batches and in a timely manner. With our sampling machine, we create your very own prototypes free of charge.

They Trust Us

We assist major brands in the development of their collections,
in various areas such as furniture, ready-to-wear and haute couture.
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